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Natural environment

At the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant we believe in the harmony of production and nature and therefore constantly improve our attitude towards the environment. Active care for the environment and the improvement of its state represent the basis of all our documents and acts.

By producing electricity we affect the environment but we are constantly endeavouring to reduce our impact on it. Therefore we are completing the commenced activities within the framework of annual plans, goals and programmes and undertaking new projects for the permanent improvement of the situation. We monitor environmental impacts in accordance with statutory requirements and also in the broader sense; measurements are carried out by authorised external organisations. The results of annual measurements are presented in reports submitted to competent bodies and institutions.

The efficiency of all technologies connected with the environment is monitored regularly through process controls. Consumption of natural resources is also monitored. Information is statistically processed and disclosed in reports which are used for setting goals and preparing programmes and measures for improving the state of the environment.