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Emission monitoring within the framework of the “Ecological Emission System – EIS” comprises permanent measurements of emission concentrations of SO2, NOx, CO, CO2 and total dust on all blocks and TOC on block 5. Occasionally, concentrations of SO3, HCl and HF, PCDD/F (dioxins, uranium), TOC, CH4, N2O, PAO, Cr, Ni, As, Cd, Pb, Cu, SD, Hg, V, TR, Mn in flue gases are also measured. These measurements comply with legislative requirements and are carried out as prescribed by the Rules on initial measurements and operational monitoring of the emission of substances into the atmosphere from stationary pollution sources and on the conditions for their implementation (Official gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 70-3824/1996) and amendments and adjustments to these Rules.

Air pollution (immissions) within TEŠ’s sphere of influence is regularly monitored within the framework of EIS TEŠ at eight fixed measuring sites and one occasional measuring site using a mobile station. Fixed measuring sites are: Šoštanj, Topolšica, Zavodnje, Graška Gora, Velenje, Veliki Vrh, Škale and Pesje. Immission monitoring of permanent measurements comprises:

  • SO2 concentrations at all measuring sites,
  • concentrations of NOX and NO2 at the measuring sites Zavodnje and Škale,
  • O3 concentrations at the measuring site Zavodnje, mobile station and the measuring site Velenje,
  • concentrations of dust deposits at all measuring sites of EIS TEŠ and the disposal facility for coal Pesje,
  • precipitation quality at all measuring sites of EIS TEŠ and the disposal facility for coal Pesje,
  • meteorological parameters at all measuring sites,
  • concentration of solid particles (PM10) at the measuring sites Škale, Pesje and at the mobile station.

Current data on immission monitoring and the archives of measurements and monthly and annual reports are available at

The existing devices of TEŠ comply with environmental standards. The rehabilitation programme has brought improvements regarding practically all releases of substances from the thermal power plant with the exception of carbon dioxide. Its emission directly depends on the efficiency of the power plant. The Milan Vidmar Electric Institute from Ljubljana as an authorised institute for energy ensures the correctness and quality of the data by performing regular calibration of measurement equipment and chemical analyses of precipitation and deposits.