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Environmental education

By training, informing and raising the awareness of our employees, we endeavour to ensure that the actions of each individual support environmental protection.  All employees have access to current topics (environmental aspects, environmental objects and programmes, legislation directory), which are published and regularly harmonised in the intranet network. We also participate in wider efforts for a clean and healthy environment and cooperate with various educational institutions. We have been supporting educational environmental programmes which include elementary school children from the municipalities of Velenje, Šoštanj and Šmartno ob Paki since 1994 and a project from the ERICo Institute the Environmental Promotional-educational Centre since 1998. Within the framework of the programme which has over 10,000 participants including children from elementary and secondary school and students each year, visitors become acquainted with the procedure of producing electricity from coal and the consequences of such production, environmental projects and successful ecological rehabilitation.  Everyone interested in our operations is welcome to tour the power plant on open door days.