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Environmental projects

Environmental projects in TEŠ have been predominantly aimed at rehabilitating the negative impacts of its operations on air and water in the past twenty years. In 1987, we began ecological rehabilitation achieving environmentally acceptable production of electricity. SO2 and NOxemissions, dust and water consumption and pollution have been reduced.

The research activity has remained an important support for rehabilitation projects which are planned and realised in the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant at all times. Our attitude towards the environment is reflected in various reports and research conducted by the employees in the power plant or external staff. Many of these studies included theses or master’s theses and doctoral dissertations. Most research comprised the study and monitoring of water and soil with plants and animals and, in some cases, also humans used as bioindicators of environmental impacts. A large number of research on the prevalence of heavy metals was conducted in the surroundings of the Šaleška dolina Valley. We also support research in the social and spatial planning fields and maintenance of recultivated areas.