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Global warming and CO2

We are aware of our responsibility in preventing climate changes and therefore do our best to substantially reduce CO2emissions. Gas units with a total power of 84 MW were put into operation in 2008. The efficiency of existing large blocks improved by using heat from the exhaust gases of the turbines and consequently reducing CO2 emission per unit of produced electricity.  The planned block 6 will emit approximately 0.85 kg of CO2 into the air, whereas the emission in existing devices is around 1.2 kg. Thus the emissions of this gas have been considerably reduced for the first time in the history of operations of the power plant, reflecting a responsible attitude towards the local and wider environments. Although TEŠ is the largest thermal power generation plant in Slovenia using fossil fuel, it has obtained the status of a qualified producer for the co-incineration of wood biomass, again contributing to the reduction in CO2 emissions.