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Removal of deposits

Most ashes, slug and other by-products in TEŠ are processed, producing the RDP product which is also referred to as a stabilised side-product, used in the rehabilitation of collapsed areas of the Velenje coal mine predominantly in the area between the Velenje and Družmir lakes where different monitoring and supervision of building works are carried out. The area where the stabilised side-products is deposited is evenly collapsed and has no visible broken off parts and thus provides material of a satisfactory quality. No movements (avalanches, slumps) have been noticed in the area of embankments. Procedures and adjustments of embankments are performed in rehabilitation area of collapsed formations in order to reduce the amount of water, meaning the reduction in the amount of sulphates in Lake Velenje in the long term. Parts of the area where the stabilised side-product is currently not deposited are simultaneously greened. Dusting in the active part of the rehabilitation area of collapsed formations is prevented through prompt sprinkling or irrigation systems.

TEŠ monitors all elements of the environment within the framework of Ecological Monitoring (EKO-MON), which has been implemented by the Institute for Ecological Research ERICo Velenje, since 1996: air (dust deposits, aerosoles9, water (water of closed circuit – ZKV, water and groundwater from the rehabilitation area of collapsed formations and their surroundings, Lake Velenje with effluent and natural tributaries the Lepena, Sopota and Paka Rivers in front of the effluent from the lake and behind it), ground and combustion products, food and fodder. Physical-chemical parameters and content of metals and ions are determined in environmental elements, pedological and biological analyses carried out and the technological increase in natural radioactivity in the environment due to deposited combustion products and purification of flue gases in the rehabilitation area of collapsed formations ascertained. Precipitation and evaporation are ascertained daily in order to monitor water balance in the area of the rehabilitation of collapsed formations.