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Regular monitoring of the quality of the Paka River in the influence area of the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant has been carried out since 1990 and comprises monitoring of the hinterland, biological analyses of embankments and the river bottom (phytobenthos and macrozoobenthos) and physical-chemical analyses. Samples are taken four times a year in different seasons and in periods of low flow of the Paka River in Pesje, in Preloge, in front of TEŠ, behind TEŠ and in Skorno. The monitoring includes all elements prescribed by applicable legislation. The quality of the Paka River has improved in recent years, predominantly the result of construction and modernisation of the sewage system in the Šaleška dolina Valley, the extension of the Central Treatment Plant for sewage waters with biological purification and changed method of transport of ashes and gypsum from TEŠ to the rehabilitation area of the collapsed formation between the Velenje and Družmir lakes.