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The construction of TEŠ

The decision about the construction of Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant was made in 1946 as the consequence of the great need of electrical energy and great amount of coal in the Šaleška dolina valley.

The construction began in 1947 and because of particular distractions continued five years later. In 1956 we finished the construction of two generators, both with the net capacity of 30 MW. In 1960 the generator 3 was constructed with the net capacity of 75 MW and in 1973 the generator 4 began to generate electrical energy with the net capacity of 275 MW.

As the position of Slovenia in terms of the energy went down fast, the coal became more and more important energetic source and already in 1973 there was a tender performed for the construction of the next generator with the net capacity of 355 MW. All important companies, dealing with the generation of thermal-energetic generators around the world cooperated. The fundamental stone was placed on 1 February in 1975, and immediately after it, the construction work began. The installation of the equipment reached its peak in 1976 and finished a year later when all required operating test were performed. The first synchronization of the generator was on 25 September in 1977 and on 27 January in 1978 the generator began to operate normally.

The common installed net capacity of TEŠ has thus increased to 755 MW and represents the biggest electro-energetic object in Slovenia. According to construction, the most modern equipment in Europe has been integrated.

Building TEŠ

Important turning points in the development

31 December 1946: Decision about the construction of Thermal Power Plant in Šoštanj
1 January 1954: The executive Council of People’s Republic of Slovenia establish a new investment company, Thermal Power Plant in Šoštanj in construction
16 May 1956: operation of the generator 1: 30 MW,
31 August 1956: operation of the generator 2: 30 MW,
25 November 1960: operation of the generator 3: 75 MW,
10 May 1972: operation of the generator 4: 275 MW,
25 September 1977: operation of the generator 5: 345 MW,
In 1984: realized project about the closed circuit of leachate from the landfill site of ash
In 1987: TEŠ begins to realize the ecological recovery plan
29 March 1995: finished construction of purification plant for the generator 4
5 April 2000: quality management certificate 90001 received
27 December 2000: finished construction of purification plant for the generator 5
26 July 2001: TEŠ becomes on of the associations of Holding Slovenske elektrarne
25 February 2003: quality management certificate 14001 received
14 October 2004: TEŠ begins to realize the development plan of TEŠ until 2011 and sign the contract with Siemens for the plant modernization
13 May 2005: quality management certificate 18001 received
16 May 2006: 50th anniversary of Termoelektrarna Šoštanj d.o.o.
4 October 2007: signed 350 million Euro loan contract for 600MW generator 6 with steam turbine
15 April 2008: succesfuly synchronized first gas generator with 42MW
9 May 2008: grand opening of the first 42MW gas unit
30 June 2008: contract for supply of main technological equipment for unit 6 signed
3 September 2008: succesfuly synchronized second gas generator with 42MW
In 2008: permanent shutdown of 30MW unit 2
31 March 2010: permanent shutdown of 30MW unit 1
July 6th, 2018: after 46 years of successful operation, the lifespan of 275 MW Unit 4 has expired and was shut down