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Quality policy

The management system applies to the following areas:  PRODUCTION AND SALE OF ELECTRICITY AND THERMAL ENERGY


At the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant we are aware that through the production of electricity and thermal energy, we have a great influence on the society and the environment:

  • by employing people,
  • consumption of energy products, water and other raw materials,
  • emissions of gas and dust into the atmosphere,
  • water discharges into the environment,
  • production of ashes, slag and desulphurisation products,
  • various other waste and
  • noise due to the operation of machines.


With the introduction of the management system we are obligated to:

  • ensure appropriate resources and technical support for the implementation of the management system;
  • meet the client’s requirements regarding the following:
    • the supply of agreed amounts of electricity and thermal energy,
    • high availability of production units and
    • high flexibility expressed in the ability to meet the client’s requirements for a certain extent of primary and secondary regulation of frequency and inclusion in the network within the planned period;
  • constantly control the economics of operations to enable successful operations of the company by:
    • ensuring the optimum operations of production units through minimum specific consumption of primary energy and minimum own consumption of electricity and thermal energy,
    • determining maintenance strategies and planning the performance of maintenance and implementation of measures for extending the lifetime of technological devices by achieving optimum economic effects,
    • achieving optimum use of financial resources, and
    • reduce all types of costs;
  • constantly improve:
    • our attitude towards the employees,
    • our attitude towards the primary energy and the environment (and prevent pollution),
    • the level of risk in safety and health at work and protection of information.
  • meet the requirements of applicable legislation, contractual requirements, requirements of the local community and other requirements;
  • minimise the likelihood of environmental and occupational accidents and incidents in the field of data protection;
  • use life cycle methodologies of systems when planning new activities and seek solutions which will ensure a higher level of energy consumption reduction, protection of the environment, employees and information;
  • systematically raise awareness among employees and provide them with management system training. During the training, environmental aspects, energy aspects, and risk assessments regarding safety and health and the protection of information will be observed.
  • systematically raise awareness about the management system among outside contractors and third parties, thereby considering environmental aspects, energy aspects, and risk assessments for safety and health and the protection of information;
  • ensure notification to the interested public;
  • collect waste separately at their source;
  • rationally use primary energy, energy products and raw materials rationally and select substances which will have a smaller impact on the environment;
  • manage physical, logical and environmental protection (including the protection of communications);
  • define criteria for evaluating environmental and energy aspects, and risks for safety, health, and the protection of information;
  • regularly update the assessments of environmental and energy aspects, and risks for safety, health, and the protection of information;
  • protect information against unauthorised access and ensure the integrity, comprehensiveness and confidentiality of information;
  • observe safety requirements regarding personnel;
  • develop, maintain and test plans for ensuring uninterrupted operations;
  • manage (detect, research and report on) incidents in the fields of environment, safety and health of the employees, and protection of information.
  • We do not employ or exploit children.
  • We do not use any forms of forced labour or disguised forced labour.
  • We respect the employees' freedom in gathering in trade unions and the workers' council.
  • We do not participate in, nor do we support, any kind of discrimination.


Ensuring a healthy environment and safe and healthy work is the basic condition and common objective of management and all employees. The roles, responsibilities and authorisations, have been defined and the employees acquainted with them. Within its capabilities, TEŠ tries to provide working conditions which will ensure a safe and healthy working environment for employees and visitors.


Successful implementation of this policy requires the cooperation of all employees and acceptance of individual obligations.