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Common Installations

The conversion of the chemical energy contained in fuel into thermal energy takes place in the boiler furnaces. The thermal energy of steam is converted into mechanical energy in the steam turbines and the electrical generators convert the mechanical energy into electricity. These three systems represent the major processes and without any of them, the production of electricity is not possible, the shutting down or malfunction of one of them means that production at the plant will grind to a halt.

To keep production running smoothly a number of other installations are required. With these devices we supply the coal for the plant, remove the by-products of burning and desulphurisation to the landfills, prepare the decarbonised water for steam cooling, the feed water for the boilers, provide the hydrogen and oxygen for generator cooling and we also supply the entire Šaleška valley district with heating. The operation of these installations can, in contrast with the major systems, be stopped for a short while without compromising the operation of the plant. These devices operate by accumulating reserves in reservoirs or silos (water, gasses, coal, petroleum, heavy fuel oil, calcite powder, ash, slag, wet gypsum etc.).