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Coal Transport

The main fuel for the production of electrical energy in the Šoštanj thermal power plant is the lignite from the Velenje coalmine.

The mined coal needs to be transported to the silos we call the “boiler storage bunkers”. The coal is transported to the plant on conveyor belts, however, because it is impossible to coordinate coal production and consumption there is a storage deposit on the way to the silos. This area is used to store excess coal from the mine and as a reserve for plant needs. The coal is loaded and unloaded by three loading machines. These have different functions; partial loading, full loading, or unloading of the coal. There are other, intermediate coalbunkers on the way to the plant for the individual generating units.

Because of the great length of the transport route and the winding direction, the transport is divided into several sequential conveyor belts. At the ends of individual belts, there are transfer stations. The entire coal transport system is designed to have a 100% reserve, which means that there are two parallel runs of equivalent belts. The electro energy supply of the installations is also doubled, and these can be controlled in three ways, for greater reliability.