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Oxygen and Hydrogen Production

With the construction of gen. unit five the demand for hydrogen for generator cooling increased even further, therefore we decided to set up our own hydrogen production facility. The hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of chemically pure water, which has added potassium hydroxide. The process is carried out in an electrolyser, which is supplied with a 40V, 3,000 Amps direct current. The produced oxygen and hydrogen are separately stored in their own gas storage tanks. A compressor pumps hydrogen into a 20m3 reservoir with a pressure of 13 bars. It is from this the generators are supplied hydrogen according to their needs. The second, 150 bar compressor is used to fill the gas cylinders that are then used to supply the generator during the downtime of the hydrogen production facility. We fill oxygen cylinders in the same manner, with a 150 bar compressor that pumps the gas from the oxygen storage tank. We use this oxygen mainly for internal needs. The hydrogen is produced at a rate of 24 Nm3/h, with 99.8% purity, while the oxygen is produced at 12 Nm3/h, with 99.5% purity.

The specific consumption of the electrolyser is 4.5kWh per Nm3 of hydrogen. We employ 0.9 litres of distilled water for the production 1.0 Nm3 of hydrogen and 0.5 Nm3 of oxygen.