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Electrical capacitors provide a system for the supply of a large number of high and low voltage electric motors. The energy for the start-up of the plant is obtained from the 110kV switching station. With the general-purpose transformer, the tension is lowered to the voltage needed by the high-voltage systems depending on the individual generating unit. This voltage is used to supply the capacitors, and via the circuit breakers the large motors and transformers for the lower voltage general-purpose users. The general-purpose capacitors supply the generating unit capacitors during start-up, which supplies electricity to the high-voltage motors and lower voltage transformers. These installations serve exclusively the generating unit; therefore, their operation must not be affected by external failures. At a generator power of about 20% of the capacity we switch the supply to the gen. unit own needs transformer. This mode of operation is safer and cheaper because the generator provides for the gen. unit needs.

The general purpose and gen. unit own needs capacitors can be single or double, depending on the necessary power output. This applies to high-tension as well as low-tension capacitors. The emergency supply of alternating power with a voltage of 0.4kV is guaranteed by diesel engines and direct current motor-generators. This branch also has energy capacitors and has the option of switching to a reserve power source.

The plant’s control and safety systems are supplied with 24, 48 or 220V direct current. These systems have a doubled basic power supply system and the possibility to switch between capacitors as they are vital for the operation of the plant. The direct current capacitors are supplied parallel from the rectifier and the accumulation batteries. Each important user is supplied from two distinct capacitors. A complete discharge of these capacitors is practically impossible or at least very rare.