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Desulphurization facility for Unit 5

The technological process of desulphurisation of the flue gasses for gen. unit five is almost identical to the one in unit four. The differences are in the details.

The number of pumps for the spraying of the absorption substance is lower, only five in this case and therefore there are only five levels of spray nozzles in the scrubber.

The nozzles spray the suspension both upwards and downwards as opposed to only downwards in gen. unit four.

The gas pipes through the desulphurisation facility do not have an additional draught fan as in unit four.

The fresh calcite suspension used for replacing the loss in the scrubber is prepared in a different way.

The facility has only one hydrocyclone system while unit four has two.

The air needed for oxidation is blown in above the mixers (at the bottom of the scrubber), while in unit four it is blown in twelve meters higher.

Ash and gypsum are mixed into the final produce, ground slag is added to it on the conveyor and the end product is transported to the temporary dump.

A Simplified Technical Schematic of the Desulphurisation Facility of Generating Unit Five