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Turbine for Unit 5

The steam turbine of gen. unit five was manufactured by the same firm as the gen. unit four turbine. The turbines are, with some differences, similar in structure; this turbine has an output power of 345MW.

The most important differences are:

  • The internal high-pressure structure has 13 sets of guide vane blades,
  • The high-pressure rotor has 13 reaction blade stages,
  • The medium-pressure turbine has four emergency shutdown valves and four regulating valves,
  • The particle filters are in the pipes before the turbine,
  • The medium-pressure rotor has 23 reaction blade stages,
  • The internal structure of the medium-pressure part of the turbine has 32 symmetrically attached guide vane sets,
  • The excess steam conduits are attached in a slightly different manner,
  • The rotor of the low-pressure part of the turbine is one piece; a twin rotor with two sets of eight stages of reaction blades fitted on the shaft,
  • There are only two emergency shutdown and regulating valves installed for the excess steam conduit.

All the other control, monitoring and safety devices are identical and so are the primary safeties of the turbine.