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Environment / Why unit 6?
Production EE
Prolongation of electricity and heat production at TEŠ from 2025 to 2054
SOx emissions
Reduction of SOx emissions from 400 to 100 mg/Nm3 (150 mg/Nm3)
NOx emissions
Reduction of NOx emissions from 500 to 150 mg/Nm3 (200 mg/Nm3)
CO2 emissions
Reduction of CO2 emissions by 30% per MWh
Dust emissions
Reduction of dust emissions (<20 mg/Nm3)
Noise reduction

All plans have been realised!

Reduction of environmental impact of electricity production

Comparison of emissions form TEŠ between the years 1983, 2016, and 2018
SO₂123,430 t925 t1,381 t
NOx17,478 t2,759 t3,177 t
Dust3,740 t64 t43 t
Production EE4,077 GWh4,117 GWh3,753 GWh
Coal consumption5,244,070 t3,282,304 t3,170,484 t
Specific consumption kJ/kWhcca. 13,000cca. 9,000cca. 9,000
Emissions total CO₂ (t)4.931,1744,149,1833,929,900
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