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Production / Unit 5


Units Values
Power (generator) MW 345
Net output MW 305
Own consumption MW 40
Spec. use – guaranteed value (full capacity) kJ/kWh 11.500
Fresh steam – flow rate t/h 1050
Fresh steam – pressure/temperature bar/°C 183/540
Reheated steam – pressure/temperature bar/°C 41.5/545
Feed water temperature °C 257
Unit’s operating power range – min/max % 42/100
Load change MW/min 4
BOILER SULZER, vertical type
Fresh steam flow rate kg/s 292
Fresh steam pressure bar 183
Fresh steam temperature °C 540
Reheated steam pressure bar 41,5
Reheated steam temperature °C 545
Temperature of feed water to boiler °C 285
Combustion (Lignite – Premogovnik Velenje) PCC, tangential, NOx optimised burners
Ignition fuel fuel oil
Coal mills – blower type mills 6
Flue gas temperature at boiler outlet °C 160
Flue gas cleaning SCR catalyst, electrostatic precipitator, wet DeSOx process
Flue gas discharge with additional heating – to the smoke stack (h=230m)
EMISSIONS: Limit values
SOx mg/nm3 < 200
NOx mg/nm3 < 200
CO mg/nm3 < 250
Dust mg/nm3 < 10
TURBINE KWU – extraction condensing
Nominal power MW 345
Nominal rotations min-1 3.000
Nominal pressure bar 177,5
Number of regenerative heaters 7+1
Cooling system natural draft cooling tower
Cooling water preparation decarbonisation, lamellar reactor
Nominal power MVA 406
Frequency Hz 50
Nominal cos(φ) cos φ 0,85
Nominal voltage kV 21
Step-up transformer RADE KONČAR 21/400 Kv  377 MVA
Cogeneration of heat Heat station 2
Installed capacity MW 145
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